Microarray profiling analysis of long non-coding RNAs expression in tendinopathy: identification for potential biomarkers and mechanisms

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The role of lncRNAs in pathologies of tendinopathy has not been researched so far, this study aims to identify the role and potent mechanism of lncRNAs in tendinopathy with a bioinformatic analysis. The gene profile of GSE26051 based on the platform of Affymetrix Human Genome U133B Array condensed was downloaded from Gene Expression Omnibus. A total of 46 specimens (including 23 normal samples and 23 tendinopathy specimens) were available. Compared with the control samples, differentially expressed genes (DEGs) of tendinopathy was identified the by packages in R. The selected DEGs were further analysed using bioinformatics methods including co-expression and enrichment analysis to detect the potential role of lncRNAs. A total of 40 different expressed lncRNAs were identified. However, most of the identified lncRNAs have not been researched before. And this study only annotate one of the identified lncRNAs successfully, the LOC100507027 (myoregulin), with the potential role in regulating skeletal muscle tissue development and skeletal muscle organ development.

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