A Novel Genetic Mutation in a Patient With Recurrent Biparental Complete Hydatidiform Mole: A Brief Report

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Recurrent hydatidiform moles are defined by the occurrence of two or more molar pregnancies in the same patient. Familial recurrent hydatidiform moles (FRHM) is a rare autosomal recessive condition where women have an inherited predisposition to have molar pregnancies. Genotyping demonstrated that they are diploid and biparental. We report a case of FRHM from Egypt with a history of 6 recurrent complete moles. Sequencing of the NLPR7 gene revealed a deleterious homozygous base change in exon 2, c.197G>A, which would result in a truncated protein p.W66*. To the best of our knowledge, this mutation has not been described before.

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