Goblet-Cell Mucinous Epithelium Lining the Endometrium and Endocervix: Evidence of Metastasis From an Appendiceal Primary Tumor Through the Use of Cytokeratin-7 and −20 Immunostains

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Differential staining with cytokeratin (CK)-7 and CK-20, two members of a complex family of proteins in human epithelial cells, proved critical in showing that the extremely well-differentiated goblet-cell (intestinal) mucinous epithelium lining the surface of the endometrium and endocervix in two patients and the fallopian tube in one was identical to that of the coincident appendiceal neoplasms. One of these patients also had a large ovarian tumor that grossly and microscopically resembled a mucinous cystadenoma of borderline malignancy and would have been considered primary except for the CK stains (CK-20 positive and CK-7 negative), which suggested metastasis from the appendix, presumably by a transtubal route.

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