Nodular Hyperplasia of the Bartholin Gland, A Benign Mimicker of Aggressive Angiomyxoma: A Case Series and Literature Review

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Nodular hyperplasia (NH) of the Bartholin gland is an exceedingly rare benign solid lesion of the female genital tract that can mimic the Bartholin gland cyst clinically. The histologic criteria for NH were established in 1998 by Koenig and Tavassoli. In this case series, we describe 4 cases of NH from Women and Infants Hospital in Rhode Island. All cases have microscopic features of lobular proliferation of acini and inspissated mucin. One case especially has extensive mucin extravasation mimicking an aggressive angiomyxoma. In this case series, we call attention to NH as another entity to consider in the differential diagnosis of an enlarged Bartholin gland. We also discuss ways to distinguish it from other benign and malignant solid lesions of the vulvar vestibule.

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