Sex Cord-stromal Tumors With Steroid Cell Tumor and Fibroma Components: Report of 2 Cases, Including One of Extraovarian Origin

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We report 2 sex cord-stromal tumors with distinct components of fibroma and steroid cell tumor; one case was of ovarian and the other of extraovarian origin. In the ovarian tumor, there were discrete areas of fibroma and steroid cell tumor, not otherwise specified. The extraovarian case involved the pelvic soft tissues and comprised a cellular fibroma with subsequent recurrence 7 yr later as a steroid cell tumor, not otherwise specified. In both cases, aggregates of luteinized cells were present within the fibromatous component, raising the possibility that the steroid cell tumor arose from neoplastic transformation of these cells. While mixed ovarian sex cord-stromal tumors (gynandroblastomas) are well described, as far as we are aware there have been no prior reports of neoplasms containing a component of steroid cell tumor and fibroma.

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