Lack of association between ADAM33 gene and asthma in a Chinese population

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Asthma is a complex polygenic disease with gene–environment interactions being important. It has been previously suggested that ADAM33, which is a member of a gene family that encodes membrane-anchored proteins with a disintegrin and a metalloprotease domain, is primarily expressed in lung fibroblasts and bronchial smooth muscle cells and has been associated with airway remodelling and bronchial hyperresponsiveness. A significant association has previously been demonstrated between single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and haplotypes of the ADAM33 and asthma in ethnically diverse populations. To assess whether SNPs or haplotypes of ADAM33 are related to asthma in a Chinese Han population, we genotyped three SNPs of ADAM33 (7575G/A in intron 6, 11188A/T in intron 19, and 12433T/C in exon 20) in a case-control study involving 296 patients with asthma and 270 healthy controls. No significant association was detected between these three SNPs and asthma susceptibility in the Chinese population.

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