Analysis of polymorphic sites in the promoter of the nitric oxide synthase 2 gene in Brazilian patients with leprosy

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Leprosy is one of the most neglected infectious tropical diseases of the skin and the nerves caused by the intracellular pathogen Mycobacterium leprae. The inducible NOS isoform encoded by NOS2A plays a vital role in host defence against bacterial infections. The functional promoter polymorphisms in NOS2A are associated with various autoimmune and infectious diseases. We investigated the association of NOS2A variants with progression of leprosy in a Brazilian cohort including 221 clinically classified patients and 103 unrelated healthy controls. We observed a novel variant ss528838018A/G in the promoter region at position −6558. The other functional variants were observed with low frequency of minor allele (<0.005). NOS2A promoter variant (−954G/C) was not observed in Brazilian populations, and the new observed promoter variant (ss528838018A/G) as well as other promoter variants were not associated with any clinical forms of leprosy in the Brazilian populations.

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