Penile plication for Peyronie's disease: our results with mean follow-up of 103 months on 89 patients

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To evaluate the outcome of the long-term follow-up in patients who underwent corporoplasty-straightening treatment for Peyronie's disease. Between 1990 and 2012, a total of 89 patients underwent corporoplasty-straightening surgery using penile plication for Peyronie's disease. We followed up on all the patients for the following: (a) the correction of the curvature; (b) any penile shortening; (c) sexual function; and (d) complications. The mean follow-up period was 103 months. Complete correction of the curvature was obtained in 81 patients (91%). Shortening of the penis (1.5 to <3 cm) occurred in 20 patients (22.5%) and 79 patients (88.7%) had good erectile function (International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF) 5> 21). The most frequent complication was the sensitivity reduction of the glans in eight patients (8.9%), which was resolved within about a year after surgery (mean 11 months) and the shortening of the penis in 20 patients (22.5%), which, however, did not result in problems during sexual intercourse. Corporoplasty using penile straightening plication is a safe procedure whose results are maintained for even many years after surgery. It is a procedure that can be applied to any type of curvature. Any reduction in the length of the penis, as a result of the surgery procedure, does not lead to difficulties in sexual intercourse.

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