CD34, RAB20, PU.1 and GFI1 mRNA expression in myelodysplastic syndrome

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Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) with hypocellular bone marrow (BM) is often difficult to distinguish from aplastic anemia (AA). Furthermore, the diagnosis of MDS with low blast counts and normal karyotype may be problematic. These issues highlight the need for a reliable marker for the diagnosis of MDS. This study was conducted to determine if changes of mRNA expression in any of the four selected genes would be useful markers for differentiation of hypoplastic MDS from AA, and MDS from benign disease, as well as to investigate whether mRNA expressions differ between MDS risk subgroups. Thirty-five patients diagnosed with MDS, 27 patients with AA and 17 patients with benign diseases were included. The CD34, RAB20, PU.1 and GFI1 mRNA levels were measured by real-time RT-PCR. The CD34 mRNA expressions in hypoplastic MDS were higher than those found in AA. PU.1 and GFI1 mRNA expressions were significantly lower in MDS with low blast counts and normal karyotype than those of benign disease. High-risk MDS showed higher CD34 expressions than those of low-risk MDS. This study suggests that measurement of CD34 and GFI1 mRNA expressions could be useful as a diagnostic and prognostic marker for MDS.

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