Comparison of white blood cell counts by WNR, WDF, and WPC channels in Sysmex XN hematology analyzer

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The Sysmex XN modular system (Sysmex, Kobe, Japan) uses a novel technology for white blood cell (WBC) count and differential, using separate channels: white cell nucleated (WNR), WBC differential (WDF), and white progenitor cell (WPC) channels. We questioned how concordant WBC counts would be between them.


In a total of 6327 consecutive specimens, WBC counts were compared between WNR and WDF channels. They were also compared in three groups of WBC counts and two groups of chemotherapy status. In 508 specimens from the 4361 specimens that were run on the XN-20 module, the WPC channel was used for reflex test. Data were compared using Pearson's correlation, absolute difference, and percent difference (%D).


WBC counts between WNR and WDF channels showed very high correlations in total specimens (r = 0.9976) and in the groups of WBC counts and chemotherapy. As WBC count increased, absolute difference increased, while %D decreased (P < 0.0001, both). Percent difference was 1.55% in total specimens and showed the highest value in the severe leukopenia group (<1.0 × 109/L, 6.18%).


This is the first large-scale study on novel channel technology for WBC counts in the Sysmex XN. WBC counts by WNR, WDF, and WPC channels are highly correlated, and they are overall interchangeable and reliable.

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