Physical health promotion for young people at ultra-high risk for psychosis: An application of the COM-B model and behaviour-change wheel: Health Promotion for at-Risk Youth

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People with psychotic illnesses, such as schizophrenia, have high rates of unhealthy lifestyle factors, such as smoking and physical inactivity. Young people who seek help for mental health care, particularly those at high risk for psychosis, often also display high rates of these unhealthy behaviours. Although healthy living interventions have been applied to people with established psychosis, no attempt has been made to offer them to young people at risk for developing psychosis, despite potential benefits to mental and physical health. We propose that the COM-B model (consisting of capability, opportunity and motivation) and behaviour-change wheel might be an appropriate framework that mental health nurses and other health professionals could apply. Using a systematic and theoretically-based approach to intervention development could result in effective methods of health promotion in this group. Further training and development for mental health nurses could encourage a greater integration of mental and physical health care.

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