Defining Characteristics and Related Factors of Decreased Cardiac Tissue Perfusion: Proposal of a New Nursing Diagnosis

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PURPOSE:To identify the possible defining characteristics (DCs) and related factors of the nursing diagnosis (ND) decreased cardiac tissue perfusion.METHODS:Cross-sectional study using medical charts of adults admitted to an emergency department with the chief complaint of chest pain in a hospital in São Paulo, Brazil.FINDINGS:DCs identified: crushing chest pain, elevated markers of myocardial necrosis, ischemic electrocardiogram changes, sweating, nausea, and vomiting. Related factors identified: interruption of arterial blood flow and coronary spasm.CONCLUSION:This ND was clinically identified due to significant differences in the DCs of patients with and without the diagnosis.PRACTICE IMPLICATIONS:The clinical indicators identified in this study can be the starting point for the DCs for this ND.

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