A survey of patient satisfaction in a metropolitan Emergency Department: Comparing nurse practitioners and emergency physicians

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The Emergency Nurse Practitioner role was introduced to an Emergency Department, Melbourne in 2004 as an alternative health-care model to provide accessible and efficient patient care. The aim of the study was to explore patient satisfaction using a questionnaire from their emergency department experience comparing Emergency Nurse Practitioners and emergency department doctors. Patients who received care from either Emergency Nurse Practitioners or emergency department doctors were given a self-administered questionnaire to complete. Descriptive statistics and non-parametric tests were used for data analysis. A total of 202 patients completed the survey with 103 seen by the Emergency Nurse Practitioners and 99 seen by emergency department doctors. Significant differences were reported in 12 of the 16 questions comparing patient satisfaction with either Emergency Nurse Practitioners or emergency department doctors with greater patient satisfaction demonstrated with the Emergency Nurse Practitioners. The Emergency Nurse Practitioner model demonstrates consistent levels of patient satisfaction with patients reporting more favourable satisfaction with the Emergency Nurse Practitioners compared with emergency department doctors.

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