Abdominal obesity, systolic blood pressure, and microalbuminuria in normotensive and euglycemic Korean men

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To evaluate the relationship between abdominal obesity and microalbuminuria (MA) in normotensive, euglycemic Korean men.


A cross-sectional study at a health screening center.


A total of 1321 healthy, normotensive Korean men, aged 20-78 years, with a fasting plasma glucose level <100 mg/dl.


Height, weight, and waist; systolic blood pressure (SBP); diastolic blood pressures (DBP); urinary albumin to creatinine ratio (ACR); fasting glucose, insulin, lipids, C-reactive protein (CRP), and white blood cell count. Waist circumference (WC) was used to indicate abdominal obesity and a single measurement of ACR was used to estimate MA. We also calculated body mass index (BMI) based on weight and height.


Mean BMI, WC, and SBP were significantly higher in subjects with MA than in those without (24.8±4.1 vs 23.8±2.7 kg/m2,86±9 vs 83±8 cm, and 115±5 vs 112±7 mmHg, respectively). Multiple logistic regression analyses showed that only WC and SBP were independent predictors of MA.


WC and SBP were positively associated with MA in normotensive and euglycemic Korean men.

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