Factors Influencing Patronage of Supervised Delivery Among Parturients in Moriki of Zamfara, Nigeria

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Women in Moriki delivered at home without skilled attendants. The study was to identify the factors influencing patronage of supervised delivery among women who had given birth in Moriki, Nigeria. A quantitative, cross-sectional design was used. A sample of 350 women was recruited using a multistage sampling technique. Structured questionnaires were administered. The 342 completed questionnaires were analyzed using SPSS Version 20. Women who were younger, educated, have few children, earning higher income, and whose husbands were educated were more likely to patronize supervised delivery. Therefore, midwives should liaise with the other health workers to design a program targeting women with high parity, uneducated women, and older women informing them about the relevance of supervised delivery.

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