Status of Macaca silenus in the Kudremukh Forest Complex, Karnataka, India

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We assessed the population status of endangered lion-tailed macaques (Macaca silenus) in the rain forests of Kudremukh Forest complex (Kudremukh National Park, Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary and Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary), Western Ghats, Karnataka in January 2007. We performed a census of 20 groups in Kudremukh NP, 4 groups in Someshwara WS, and 6 groups in Mookambika WS. We estimated the population size as ca. 451 individuals in the 3 parks. The forests of Kudremukh NP and Someshwara WS are continuous, and the present finding of 24 groups in a single continuous forest confirms the existence of another significant population of lion-tailed macaques.

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