Evaluation of accreditation program in non-governmental organizations' health units in Egypt: short-term outcomes

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To determine the effect of accreditation of non-governmental organizations' health units on patient satisfaction and provider satisfaction and the output of accreditation on compliance to some accreditation standards.

Subjects and methods

Sixty non-governmental health units were selected as follows: 30 units already submitted for accreditation in three governorates and 30 pair-matched units not programmed for accreditation. Matching was done according to the socioeconomic standard and administration type, and from the same governorate. Satisfaction was measured by an interview questionnaire using the Likert scale. Assessment of compliance to some accreditation standards was done using a checklist.


Mean patient satisfaction scores were significantly higher among the accredited non-governmental health units regarding: cleanliness, waiting area, waiting time, unit staff and overall satisfaction. No significant differences were noticed in provider satisfaction except for the overall satisfaction score. Most of the checked standards had compliance above 90% in the accredited units and were significantly higher than in the non-accredited units.


Accreditation of the non-governmental health units has a positive effect regarding patient satisfaction and the continuation of performance according to the accreditation standards compared with non-accredited health units. This short-term effect was shown within the first year from accreditation. Future research is needed to assess long duration effects of applying accreditation in non-governmental health units.

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