A Newly Designed Postoperative Ischial Weight-Bearing Proximal Contact Lower-Limb Prosthesis

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Postamputation prostheses for the lower extremities help reduce medical complications and improve patients overall function. However, there were drawbacks with these postoperative prostheses that limited their use. A recent development is a newly designed ischial weight-bearing prosthesis used postoperatively. We performed a random review of 12 amputee patients retrospectively to determine whether there were any complications with its use. There were no major complications, such as infection or wound dehiscience, present with use of this new ischial weight-bearing prosthesis when compared with a “nonused” control group. A benefit of earlier independent ambulation is suggested with its use. A future prospective study of the ischial weight-bearing prosthesis when given the first postoperative day will be necessary to determine more accurately whether there is a significant benefit for the postamputee patient.

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