Early home-supported discharge after stroke: a brief report on the practical implementation

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This report is a brief practical problem-based guide to support clinical management in the implementation of early home-supported discharge as an integrated part of stroke care. However, it is clear that skilled members of a multidisciplinary team are needed and they need to work in a coordinated manner. Services vary considerably between countries and regions; therefore, the involved parties in the baseline services may vary considerably. This needs to be considered when planning early home-supported discharge services. Patient selection criteria cannot be precise; however, patients who can benefit most are likely to have moderate stroke severity and may be able to cooperate with rehabilitation in the home setting. Staffing requirements will vary according to several factors. These will include (a) the severity and complexity of stroke impairments, (b) the current level of community support, (c) the duration of rehabilitation input, and (d) the rehabilitation targets planned.

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