Work Antecedents, Confucian Work Values, and Work-to-Family Interference in Hong Kong: A Longitudinal Study

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The current study examined whether Confucian work values had direct effects on work-to-family interference and served as a moderator of the relationships between work antecedents and work-to-family interference over time. Employees (N = 208) from different industrial sectors in Hong Kong completed a questionnaire measuring workload, interpersonal conflict, organizational constraints, lack of work control, Confucian work values and work-to-family interference at 2 time points, with a time interval of 10 months. Results showed that all work antecedents and Confucian work values were associated with work-to-family interference. Some support was found for the moderating effects of Confucian work values. In particular, Confucian work values buffered the effects of interpersonal conflict and lack of work control on work-to-family interference. Overall, the results illustrate that the effects of Confucian work values should be considered when investigating work−family interference. Further implications and limitations are discussed.

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