Cryosurgery and ligation (Cryo-plication) of symptomatic hemorrhoids — “an ideal procedure”. Initial experience and review of literature

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Haemorrhoidal disease has been in limelight again due to emerging newer modalities of treatment over the last decade. The range varies from simple rubber band ligation to stapled rectopexy. But a rational and ideal approach is still unclear. This study aims to analyze the ideal modality in today's scenario of managing haemorrhoidal disease. A prospective study on 12 patients, was carried out over 24 months in a surgical unit of a tertiary care hospital. The pain, bleeding, rectal discharge, anal stenosis were observed. Results show that the Cryoplication procedure had no anal stenosis, minimal bleeding, less pain and cost was effective. When compared with other contemporary modalities it has lesser complications and short and easy learning curve.

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