Ureterocystoplasty: a novel approach to augment small capacity urinary bladder in adults

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Ureterocystoplasty is a novel operation well suited for patients having small capacity urinary bladder with unilateral poorly functioning kidney and megaureter. The megaureter is detubularized and used for urinary bladder augmentation. The ureter lining has advantage of being non-secretory and free from the metabolic complications of enterocystoplasty. This operation is mainly done in children. This is one of the very few from the Asian subcontinent which describes the short term results of ureterocystoplasty in an adult patient. We report a case wherein ureterocystoplasty was performed in an 18-year male presented with a small capacity neurogenic bladder with a grossly dilated and tortuous left ureter and a non-functioning left kidney. Left ureter was detubularized and used for augmentation after left nephrectomy. Blood supply to the left ureter was preserved during the dissection. After the operation, the bladder capacity increased adequately and he is doing well at a followup of 1 year. Ureterocystoplasty works well in the adult patients also and the bladder capacity increases adequately following this procedure.

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