A Clinicopathologic Analysis of 207 Cases of Benign Fibro-Osseous Lesions of the Jaws

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Benign fibro-osseous lesion (BFOL) is a distinct group of jaw entities composed of fibrocellular tissue and mineralized materials. In this study, we examined the epidemiological, clinical, and pathological features of patients with BFOL. Records and microslides of 207 BFOLs submitted to pathology service were retrospectively reviewed. Overall, fibrous dysplasia (FD) was the most prevalent (36.7%), followed by ossifying fibroma (OF; 32.4%), osseous dysplasia (OD; 24.6%), and juvenile ossifying fibroma (JOF; 6.3%). Female predilection was noted. FD and JOF were common in maxilla, whereas most OF and OD affected the mandible. Most patients with FD and OF presented with painless swelling, while patients with OD were symptomless. The majority of FD specimens showed woven bone, while a mixture of woven bone and cementum-like materials was often noted in OF and OD. Our data show variations in the clinicopathologic features of BFOLs. A thorough examination of all aspects of BFOL patients is imperative for accurate diagnosis.

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