Paget Cells in Endometrial and Endocervical Curettings in a Patient With Recurrent Vulvar Paget's DiseaseSymbol

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Paget's disease of the vulva is a rare malignancy primarily affecting Caucasian women in their seventh to eighth decades. Most patients experience an indolent disease course and undergo surgical excision for disease control. Although progression to invasive adenocarcinoma is rare, recurrence is common because of the difficulty of achieving negative surgical margins.

Case presentation.

We report a case of a 73-year-old woman with a long-standing history of recurrent vulvar Paget's disease who presented with postmenopausal bleeding. Workup revealed extensive endocervical involvement by Paget's disease, resulting in Paget cells on endocervical curettage, as well as endometrial curettage (because of cervical contamination).


Extensive endocervical involvement by vulvar Paget's disease can occur despite multiple reexcisions and topical therapy. The presence of Paget cells on endometrial and endocervical curettings, particularly in patients without visible vulvar or cervical lesions, should raise suspicion of endocervical involvement and prompt further evaluation of disease extension.

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