Pseudohyperplastic Adenocarcinoma With Foamy Changes in Needle Prostate Biopsy and Prostatectomy

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Pseudohyperplastic adenocarcinoma (PHA) with foamy changes is composed of neoplastic glands that show a cytoarchitectural combination of both neoplasms. However, none of the previously reported cases have shown typical areas of foamy or PHA. We report on the clinicopathological characteristics of 5 cases consisting predominantly of pseudohyperplastic and foamy adenocarcinomas. In several histological fields, this neoplasm mimicked hyperplastic nodules or prostatic adenosis because they showed the nodular pattern of the PHA and the inconspicuous cytological atypia of foamy gland carcinoma. Four cases had a Gleason score of 6. In the prostatectomies, the neoplasm was limited to the prostatic gland. The evolution has been favorable in all patients after 3 years of follow-up, on average. The cases reported herein demonstrate that PHA and foamy adenocarcinoma may be associated and occasionally show overlapping histological criteria. The PHA with foamy changes must be distinguished from conventional foamy adenocarcinoma and PHA because it can closely resemble hyperplastic glands mainly in needle prostatic biopsy.

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