Comprehensive Clinicopathologic and Updated Immunohistochemical Characterization of Primary Ovarian Mucinous Carcinoma

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The distinction of primary mucinous ovarian carcinoma (PMOC) from other primaries or secondaries is essential for selecting therapeutic options and prognostication. We aimed to characterize the immunohistochemical profile of 36 PMOCs using an extended immunohistochemical panel, with clinicopathologic features and outcome. PAX8 was negative in 30 (83.3%), and SATB2 was negative in 32/35. HNF1B, AMACR, and napsin-A were detected in 33 (91.7%), 35 (97.2%), and 0 (0%), respectively. MMR proteins and ARID1A were retained in 100%; PTEN was lost in 4 (11.1%). P53 was aberrant in 10 (27.8%); none overexpressed p16. HER2 was positive in 6/35 (17.1%). Most PMOCs had a favorable outcome. However, recurrence is usually fatal. The typical tumor profile was CK7+, CK20+/−, CDX2+/−, PAX8−, ER−, PgR−, and SATB2−. HER2 positivity suggests a possible target for therapy in advanced disease.

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