Development of Fixed-Point Cells at the SMU

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One of the research programs realized at the thermometry laboratory of the Slovak Institute of Metrology (SMU) in recent years has focused on the development of fixed-point cells. In the frame of this research, several primary cells for realization of the International Temperature Scale of 1990 (ITS-90) and several secondary cells for industrial thermometer calibrations were built and studied. This article discusses primary cells for the gallium and mercury fixed points and miniature cells for the zinc point that were developed at the SMU. Information about the cell designs is provided, the materials that were used are specified, and the procedures for their manufacture are described. Briefly, the realization of the fixed points of mercury, gallium, and zinc by using these cells is also described. Many experiments were carried out to study the characteristics of these cells. One of the gallium cells was compared with the circulating transfer cell during the key comparison CCT-K3, and it and the mercury cell were used for the EUROMET Project No. 552. The results of the experiments together with the results of the comparisons show the high quality of these cells. Secondary zinc-point cells were compared against SMU primary zinc-point cells. The comparison shows agreement within 0.12 mK.

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