Comparison System for the Calibration of Capsule-Type Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers at NMIJ/AIST

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A new comparison system has been constructed using a Gifford- McMahon type cryogenic refrigerator for the calibration of capsule-type standard platinum resistance thermometers (CSPRTs) below 273.16 K at the National Metrology Institute of Japan (NMIJ). The system can compare six CSPRTs at once. A gold-plated comparison block, in which CSPRTs are mounted for calibration, is made from oxygen-free high-conductivity copper. The standard uncertainties related to the temperature control of the system are estimated to be 0.04 mK. The calibrated values for CSPRTs and a rhodium–iron resistance thermometer obtained using the comparison system are in good agreement with those obtained by the direct realization of the low-temperature fixed points of the ITS-90 within the combined standard uncertainty for the calibration using the comparison system.

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