ITS-90 Scale Realization on the New Radiation Thermometer Calibration Facility at NMi VSL

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In the first half of 2005, Nederlands Meetinstituut Van Swinden Laboratorium B.V. (NMi VSL) redesigned their facilities for radiation thermometry in a new laboratory building and an opportunity arose to implement new measurement methods. The new facility is used for ITS-90 realization and dissemination in the temperature range from − 50 °C to 3,000 °C. A study was performed to compare a silver-point realization with a fixed-point blackbody radiator (FP-BBR) to a sodium heat-pipe blackbody radiator (HP-BBR) traceable via a HTSPRT to a contact thermometry silver point. It was found that the fixed-point realization transfer to the sodium heat pipe results in an uncertainty from 0.2 K to 2.4 K for the ITS-90 over the temperature range from 961.78 °C to 3,000 °C.

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