CCT WG8 CMC Review Protocols: Development and Implementation

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The primary objectives of the Consultative Committee on Thermometry Working Group 8 (CCT WG8) are to establish and maintain lists of service categories, to agree on detailed technical review criteria of submitted calibration and measurement capabilities (CMCs), and, where necessary, to develop rules for the preparation of CMC entries. One of the main tasks of CCT WG8 is the creation of harmonized CMC review protocols for thermometry and humidity that are scientifically based. The work of CCT WG8 is performed by the Regional Metrology Organization (RMO) Working Group on Thermometry chairpersons and invited technical experts. The CCT WG8 develops practical, pragmatic guidelines for CMC reviews that let the CMC review process proceed according to a set of objective numerical criteria and specified technical evidence to reduce the possibility of disagreement. The CCT WG8 CMC review protocols are designed so that CMC reviews are scientifically based and not designed to bluntly increase uncertainties. The CMC review protocols currently developed and accepted by CCT WG8 cover International Temperature Scale of 1990 (ITS-90) fixed-point cells, ITS-90 calibration temperature subranges for standard platinum resistance thermometers, industrial thermometers, radiation thermometry, and humidity. This article describes the methods used by the CCT WG8 committee to create the review protocols.

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