Fantappié-Arcidiacono Spacetime and Its Consequences in Quantum Cosmology

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Einstein's gravitational theory gave rise to a new conception of the Universe and Cosmology has been enclosed in the realm of Science and not only of Philosophy as before the Einstein work. Despite this, the presence of the Big Bang singularity, flatness and horizon problems led to the statement that Standard Cosmological Model, based on General Relativity and Standard Model of particle physics, is inadequate to describe the Universe in extreme regimes. Due to this facts, alternative gravitational theories and alternative approaches to cosmology have been proposed during the years. One of the most fruitful approach has been that of Projective Relativity and, in this paper, we analyze the developments of this theory. Projective Relativity, initially proposed by Fantappié and subsequently developed by Arcidiacono, has been recently revisited by prof. Ignazio Licata and other authors. The cosmological consequences of such extension appear relevant. In the following, we analyze the effects of the group approach on the metrics and on the dynamics and we will consider its properties in connection with varying speed of light.

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