Scheme for Realizing Deterministic Entanglement Concentration with Atoms Via Cavity QED

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A scheme for concentrating entanglement in two partially entangled Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (EPR) pairs using repetitious resonant interactions of the atoms with a single-mode cavity field is proposed. A maximally entangled EPR pair can be deterministically extracted with the success probability of 1.0. In the scheme, the two logical states of a qubit are represented by the two lowest levels of an atom while a higher-energy intermediate level is used to facilitate the realization of the unitary operations, and all the operations required to realize deterministic entanglement concentration can be implemented in a reasonable amount of time before decoherence sets in. The scheme might be experimentally realizable with presently available cavity QED techniques and gives a realistic means to realize entanglement concentration deterministically.

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