Dual Superconductivity in Restricted Chromo-Dynamics (RCD)

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Characterizing the dyonically condensed vacuum by the presence of two massive modes (one determining how fast the perturbative vacuum around a colour source reaches the condensation and the other giving the penetration length of colored flux), it has been shown that due to the dynamical breaking of magnetic symmetry the vacuum of RCD acquires the properties similar to those of relativistic superconductor. Originally present global SU(2) symmetry in RCD has been broken to U(1) reducing the four dimensional action to two dimensional one by using an Ansatz which incorporates a non-trivial coordinate dependent phase between the components of SU(2) doublet. Analyzing the behaviour of dyons around RCD string, the solutions of classical field equations have been obtained and it has been shown that magnetic constituent of dyonic current is zero at centre of the string and also at the points far away from the string. The conditions for this current to be maximum at a transverse distance from the string have also been obtained.

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