Comparison of Gleason grade and score between preoperative biopsy and prostatectomy specimens in prostate cancer

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Although the histopathological findings obtained from biopsy specimens are important for choosing the appropriate management of prostate cancer, there have been some discrepancies in Gleason grade and consequently, score between biopsy and surgical specimens. A comparison of findings between these two kinds of specimens was performed.


Radical prostatectomy was performed at Asahi General Hospital on 223 cases of T1b-T3 without previous cancer treatment, and the Gleason grade and score of the biopsy and surgical specimens were compared.


A 37% coincidence in Gleason score was obtained between biopsy and surgical specimens; coincidence including one digit difference in score was approximately 70%. Upgrading was more than downgrading. Disagreement in secondary grade was greater than that in primary grade. Disagreement in Gleason score was roughly similar among different score items and was not influenced by level of prostate-specific antigen, however, the small volume of the cancer tissues more affected the discrepancy in score.


The use of biopsy findings is required to be taken into account regarding the discrepancy.

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