Automatic switching and guidance system to facilitate unassisted uroflowmetry using commercial electronic devices

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To enable male patients to undergo uroflowmetry in a private condition without medical supervision, we devised an automatic switching and patient guidance system for the spinning disk uroflowmeter Urodyn 1000, using two commercial electronic devices (an infrared motion sensor tap and a memorizable vacuum fluorescent display). Instead of running the uroflowmeter continuously, which shortens the life of the spinning disk due to mechanical wear, an infrared motion sensor turns on the devices each time a patient enters the room. The patient urinates according to the timely instructions on the visible display and voided urine directly flows into a urinal. The devices are automatically turned off 5 min after the patient leaves the room. With the use of our system, men already acquainted with uroflowmetry could perform self-administered uroflowmetry any time in private. The system was considered useful for improving the quality of patient service.

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