Application of siphon principle to fluid drainage in transurethral surgery

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Transurethral resection is usually performed using an all-in-one drape with a fluid collection pouch, drainage port and hose. Gravity drainage of irrigation fluid through the hose is often hampered, resulting in fluid retention in the pouch. We applied a siphon principle to facilitate fluid drainage by making a U-shaped bend near the distal end of the hose, using an adhesive tape, and hooking the distal end of inverted U shape on the edge of bucket placed on the floor. When the hose is filled with irrigation fluid up to the crest of the siphon, fluid flow driven by atmospheric pressure continues until the pouch is evacuated. Repriming and restarting occur automatically throughout the operation. This simple device has virtually eliminated fluid retention in the pouch and proved to be especially useful in transurethral prostatectomy, which requires a large amount of irrigation fluid.

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