Clinical Recommendation for Treatment Planning of Sinus Augmentation Procedures by Using Presurgical CAT Scan Images: A Preliminary Report

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Purpose:To propose a clinical recommendation based on anatomy of maxillary sinus before sinus augmentation procedure using presurgical computerized axial tomography (CAT) scan images.Materials and Methods:CAT scan images were randomly selected from previous completed implant cases. Proposed area for the lateral window osteotomy was outlined on the panorex image of the CAT scan. Sagittal section on the CAT scan that was in the center of the outlined window was selected for sinus measurement analysis. On CAT scan, 2 lines were drawn to measure the dimensions of sinus. One line measured the horizontal width and the other line measured the vertical height.Results:Based on the measurement data, a classification of the maxillary sinus anatomy was proposed. Narrow sinus cavity indicates favorable type anatomy in terms of bone regeneration healing and wide sinus cavity as less favorable anatomy for patient treatment planning.Conclusion:A narrow sinus and greater exposure to the blood supply should require shorter healing times after grafting. Conversely, wider sinus cavities and less exposure to the blood supply would require a longer healing time before implant placement.

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