The Modified “Sandwich” Technique: A Novel Surgical Approach to Regenerative Treatment of Horizontal Bone Defects in the Posterior Atrophic Mandible. A Case Report

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A new augmentation procedure for bone reconstruction of horizontal defects in a posterior atrophic mandible is described.

Materials and Methods:

A 47-year-old male patient with horizontal atrophy of the left posterior mandible was treated using a 2-stage modified “sandwich” osteotomy technique with an interposed mixture of mineralized and demineralized human bone allograft in putty form.


The osteotomized superior segment was slightly raised and then drawn and rotated in the buccal direction to augment the horizontal width of the crest. The osteotomized segment was kept in this position with a titanium miniplate and miniscrews. No complications were reported during the 3-month healing period. In the second surgical phase, 2 implants were correctly placed.


Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) outcomes confirm the effectiveness of this technique in the treatment of horizontal defects. However, further randomized controlled studies are required to confirm the technique's reliability.

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