Displaced Implants Into Maxillary Sinus: Report of Cases

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Although the number of implant placement in the edentulous maxillary region is increasing, there are often some cases in which implants accidentally get displaced into maxillary sinus because of low bone quality, insufficient bone height, bone resorption after surgery, and improper treatment plan. Implants displaced into the maxillary sinus can cause some complications, including mucosal thickening and sinusitis; however, there are also many cases causing no symptoms at all. Treatment procedures for implants displaced into maxillary sinus are observation, removal of implants through intraoral approach, and removal through nasal cavity using endoscope. But treatment may vary according to the presence of sinusitis, ostium obstruction, and oroantral fistula. In this study, 4 patients with present illness of implants displaced into maxillary sinus were selected, and appropriate evaluation and treatment for these cases were studied.

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