Endoscopic Removal of an Aspirated Healing Abutment and Screwdriver Under Conscious Sedation

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Aspiration of foreign bodies during dental treatment is a medical emergency that requires prompt removal. In this study, aspiration of screwdriver and healing abutment is reported with literature review.

Materials and Methods:

A 26-year-old male patient was referred from a local dental clinic with the suspicion of ingestion of a screwdriver and healing abutment during the second-stage surgery. The patient reported symptoms including dyspnea, cough, and foreign body sensation. On the chest radiograph, a radiopaque foreign body resembling the screwdriver and healing abutment was observed at the right mid lung.


Bronchoscopic examination using flexible cable was performed under conscious sedation, and microforceps were used to remove the instruments. Aspirated screwdriver and healing abutment were removed safely under intravenous sedation. The patient did not have any symptoms associated with lung aspiration after removal of the foreign body during follow-up periods.


Bronchoscopic removal is the most recommended procedure for removal of the aspirated foreign body. This can be performed under conscious sedation. Precautions, such as tethering the screwdriver, are recommended during implant procedures.

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