Comparative Analysis of 2 Resonance Frequency Measurement Devices: Osstell Mentor and Osstell ISQ

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Comparing reliability of Osstell Mentor and Osstell ISQ in implant stability measurement, and assessing whether their measurements are comparable.

Materials and Method:

Implant stability was measured with both devices on 58 implants in 15 patients. Six measurements were completed with each device with 2 different transducers (3 measurements with each transducer), that is, 12 measurements for each implant.


Mean implant stability quotient (ISQ) value with Osstell ISQ was 72.59, 72.47, and 73.17 in the first measurements, respectively. With Osstell Mentor, the results were 72.43, 72.60, and 73.26, respectively; mean ranges were 3.37, 3.60, and 3.75, respectively. However, mean value with Osstell ISQ and Osstell Mentor was 72.87 and 72.04, respectively. The intraclass correlation coefficient was 0.98. This means an almost perfect degree of concordance between both devices.


Resonance frequency analysis systems in Osstell Mentor and Osstell ISQ show almost perfect reproducibility and repeatability.

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