Immediate Replacement of Single Teeth With Immediately Loaded Implants: Retrospective Analysis of a Clinical Case Series

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The purpose of this retrospective analysis of clinical data was to evaluate the predictability of replacing failing single teeth with immediately placed implants loaded via a transitional (provisional) restoration.

Materials and Methods:

Implants were placed immediately at the time of extraction of failing single teeth that met predetermined inclusion criteria. A detailed protocol was followed to enable immediate loading of the implant with the use of prefabricated abutments in combination with transitional restorations.


A total of 375 immediate implants had been placed in 274 patients and loaded immediately. With the certainty of 95%, an estimated overall mean survival rate better than 97.6% was observed after a mean observation period of 36 months. The maximum observation period was 142 months. Four implants had been lost in function.


Immediate loading of immediately placed implants is a possible treatment option that might be predictably and successfully achieved. Implants of adequate primary stability coupled with a range of prefabricated abutments permit function to be achieved using transitional restorations. The preliminary results of this clinical case series are very promising.

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