Ridge Dimensions of the Edentulous Mandible in Posterior Sextants: An Observational Study on Cone Beam Computed Tomography Radiographs

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To evaluate the ridge dimensions of posterior sextant in totally edentulous mandibles.

Material and Methods:

Cone beam computed tomography scans of 136 patients were retrospectively included for analysis. At sites corresponding to the second premolar (site a) and the mesial and distal root of first molar (sites b and c, respectively), bone height (BH) and bone width (BW) were measured.


BH significantly decreased from site a (11.20 ± 4.03 mm) to site c (10.28 ± 3.33 mm). Males showed a significantly higher BH compared with females at all sites (P < 0.001), No significant impact of age on BH was found. BW increased from coronal to apical at all sites. At all height levels, BW increased from mesial to distal (BWc > BWb > BWa).


BH decreased from mesial to distal, whereas BW showed an increase. Sex showed a significant impact on BH, with males having on average a 2.8 mm greater height than females, but not on BW. Age did not significantly influence the dimensions of the residual bone crest.

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