Sandwich Osteotomies to Treat Vertical Defects of the Alveolar Ridge

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To evaluate the vertical bone gain after osteotomy sandwich.

Materials and Methods:

Fourteen patients (mean age, 41 years) underwent 17 procedures of osteotomy sandwich. Of these 17 procedures, 15 involved reconstructive surgery and 2 involved the repositioning of implants. The patients were submitted to computed tomography before the surgical procedure and 4 months after the completion of the graft, with measurements taken to assess the vertical gain that had been achieved.


The results confirmed a satisfactory vertical gain in all cases (mean, 5.12 mm). The use of autogenous graft or biomaterial particles (in isolation) between the osteotomized segments proved to be viable. Three patients reported postoperative paresthesia, which healed spontaneously after 3 months. One patient exhibited dehiscence due to not following the postoperative recommendations. Forty implants were installed in the grafted regions, and 2 implants were repositioned.


The technique of sandwich osteotomy was found to be effective for height gain, and different materials can be used between the osteotomized segments.

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