Immediate Loading of Tantalum-Based Implants in Fresh Extraction Sockets in Patient With Sjogren Syndrome: A Case Report and Literature Review

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Purpose:The objective of this article is to demonstrate treatment of a clinical case using implants in conjunction with immediate loading in a patient with Sjogren syndrome (SS) and to present the current status of knowledge about this type of patients with dental implants.Materials and Methods:This article describes a 62-year-old woman patient with SS and partially edentulous maxilla who was rehabilitated with 5 immediately loaded tantalum-based dental implants (TBDIs) placed in fresh extraction sockets. Six nonrestorable teeth were atraumatically extracted and immediate TBDI were placed in the fresh extraction sites. Space between the implants and socket walls were filled with particulate bone graft.Results:After implant placement, a prefabricated screw-retained provisional restoration was placed and adapted in centric occlusion. The provisional restoration was removed after 2 months and replaced with a full metal/ceramic restoration.Conclusions:Minimal invasive surgical procedures and temporary immediate restorations are steps particularly important in patients with SS to guide the healing of periimplant tissues and avoid discomfort and complications from removable prostheses.

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