Failure of Osseointegrated Dental Implant After Alveolar Nerve Transposition: A Report of an Unusual Complication and Surgical Management

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Purpose:To describe an unusual case of mandibular fracture after osseointegrated dental implant removal placed after inferior alveolar nerve transposition.Report of Case:The patient underwent inferior nerve transposition for implant placement due to lack of interarch space. Two months after metal-ceramic crowns installation, the patient began to complain of pain in the region of the implant. In an attempt to remove the implant, there was a fracture of the implant, and only two third of it was removed, leaving only the apical portion of the implant in the mandible. The patient opted for the total removal of implant. At 15 days of follow-up, the patient returned with mandibular fracture, which was treated through an internal fixation with a titanium reconstruction plate of 2.0-mm thickness with locking screws.Conclusion:The inferior alveolar nerve transposition may represent the only rehabilitation option, especially in cases where there is insufficient bone remaining for installation of short implants with reduced interarch space.

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