Hydraulic Transcrestal Sinus Lift: Different Patterns of Elevation in Pig Sinuses

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Purpose:The aim of this study was to evaluate different patterns of sinus membrane elevation in pig jaws.Materials and Methods:A total of 30 pig jaws (60 sinuses) were used for the present investigation. The hydraulic Crestal Approach Sinus kit was used to elevate sinus membrane, and different elevation patterns were recorded.Results:There were 4 different scenarios of membrane separation patterns: center dome-shaped elevation, off-center dome-shaped elevation, horizontally spreading membrane elevation, and perforation. The incidence of each different type was 35.0% (n = 21) in center dome-shaped separation, 51.7% (n = 31) in off-center dome-shaped separation, 10.0% (n = 6) in horizontally spreading separation, and 3.3% (n = 2) in membrane perforation.Conclusion:Different patterns of membrane elevations are observed in pig sinuses and introduced in this study. The off-center dome-shaped elevation was the most common pattern followed by the center dome-shaped elevation and horizontally spreading elevation, respectively.

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