Neurosensory Disturbance of the Inferior Alveolar Nerve After 3025 Implant Placements

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Purpose:The aim of this retrospective study was to evaluate the incidence of inferior alveolar nerve (IAN) lesion and duration of sensitivity disturbances after the insertion of dental implants.Methods:One thousand sixty-five patients (mean age: 58.9 years) enrolled between February 2004 and July 2015 with partial or full mandibular edentulism were selected to receive dental implants for oral rehabilitation. A total of 3025 implants were placed. After surgical procedures, controls were scheduled at suture removal, that is, 10 days after surgery, and repeated at intervals of 1, 3, and 6 months, and comprised patient interview, clinical examination, and sensitivity tests.Results:Only 23 (2.2%) of the 1065 patients presented sensitivity disturbances 1 month after implant insertion, and only 2 (0.19%) after 6 months, though a complete recovery was observed in these patients within 13 months.Conclusions:Considering the debilitating effects resulting from IAN lesion and the complexity of the therapeutic diagnostic protocols, all patients undergoing oral rehabilitation through dental implants should be evaluated with CBCT imaging.

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