Immediate Versus Delayed Loading of Postextraction Implants: A Long-Term Retrospective Cohort Study

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Purpose:To compare the long-term clinical and radiographic outcomes between immediate loading (IL) and conventional loading of implants placed immediately in fresh extraction sockets.Materials and Methods:Demographic data, implant details, and periapical radiographs of patients were collected. The long-term marginal bone level remodeling and implant survival rate were calculated.Results:Twenty-one patients (mean age 52.55 ± 14.61 years) with 35 implants immediately inserted into postextraction sites (22 immediate loaded and 13 delayed loaded) were analyzed. The mean follow-up duration was 6 years (range 2–11 years). The implant cumulative survival rate was 96.5%. At the longest follow-up, the mean crestal bone level averaged 0.144 ± 0.705 for IL and 0.161 ± 0.877 for delayed loading, respectively. The mean implant aesthetic score was 7.Conclusions:IL does not negatively influence the long-term prognosis of implants inserted into fresh extraction sockets.

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