Retrospective Analysis of Sinus Membrane Thickening: Profile, Causal Factors, and Its Influence on Complications

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Purpose:To retrospectively determine the profile of the sinus membrane (SM), potential factors affecting SM thickening (SMT), and the correlation between SMT and sinus augmentation (SA) complications.Materials and Methods:In the patients who received lateral SA, SMT was classified in sagittal sections of cone-beam computed tomography according to its thickness and morphology. The correlation between SMT and the following factors was analyzed: age, sex, endodontic and periodontic statuses of neighboring teeth, and shape of the sinus inferior border. The association between SMT and SA complications was investigated.Results:SMT of ≤2 mm was prevalent (60%). Irregular SM was mostly observed for SMT of >2 mm. There was no statistically significant association between SMT and the included factors. SMT did not significantly correlate with either perforation or postoperative complications. There was a statistically significant increase in implant failure when SMT was >2 mm, but it was hard to determine that the failure was solely affected by SMT.Conclusion:SMT was not influenced by the factors included in this study, and it might not be a risk factor for SA and implant failure.

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